Friday, November 11, 2016

The Use of Dance As Therapy

The Use of Dance as Therapy

A very common question in the dance world is as follows: What really is dance? Is it a sport? An art? Both? Something in between? Technically all of the above are true. But there’s a new answer that has recently been added to the mix. Therapy. 
Now it is one thing to call dance a therapy because it “makes you feel happy at the end of a long day”, but a multitude of scientific articles have been surfacing recently that back up this statement with hard  evidence.
For example, there is an entire organization dedicated to the professional training of dance therapists: The American Dance Therapy Association. The purpose of the ADTA is to establish, maintain, and support the highest standards of professional identity and competence among dance/movement therapists by promoting education, training, practice, and research. The Association provides avenues of communication among dance/movement therapists and those working in related fields, and increases public awareness of dance/movement therapy.
Goodtherapy has also brought much light to dance and movement therapy, or DMT. According to an article of theirs, DMT can help bring individuals emotional, cognitive, physical, and social integration. They assert that stress reduction, disease prevention, and mood management are only three of the many benefits of dancing. 
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